EXPLOR VISIT helps cultural institutions that want to connect to their remote visitors.

We are a cultural heritage specialist. We design virtual visits and immersive virtual guided visits for museums, monuments and art centres, from 3D digitalisation to online dissemination. Thanks to enriched visits, we help cultural institutions to engage their public remotely, whether they live far or are unable to come.

Our services


We design a virtual visit that reflects your vision.

Explor Visit digitalises your spaces, thanks to a 3D modelling technology based on very high-resolution photographs and laser plans.

We create a «digital twin» for you that faithfully duplicates your spaces, we integrate multimedia content of your choice (texts, photos, videos, audios) and publish it online.


You can share your virtual visit in one click !

By offering your online visitors a spectacular immersion in your museum, your monument or your temporary exhibition, you take advantage of an innovative communication on all your networks: your institutional website, social networks, apps and connected screens.

By subscribing to our Explor Visit app, that you can download for free in all stores, you can boost your visibility among a large qualified audience


You take advantage of immersive and interactive virtual guided visits for your public at a distance.

Thanks to its virtual guided visits platform, Explor Visit reinterprets virtual visits, by putting guides at the core of the device.

Visitors are led by a guide in live. The guide is in command of the itinerary and adapts it according to the types of public he escorts.

Visitors take advantage of an interactive and personalised experience. They can send their questions to the guide by videoconference or chat.

Your institution doesn’t have guides in its team ?
Our guides, who work in partnership with us, are trained to use our virtual visit tool, so they can answer your needs.



Open your doors 24/7

Whatever the reason, whether it is for safety, preservation or human resources, your closed, but remarkable spaces become accessible online.

Communicate with your public

Whether they live far (living outside of your region, or at the other end of the world) or are unable to come (people that are disabled, living in a retirement home or in a health care facility), your remote visitors ask only to visit your institution

Extend your temporary exhibitions

Store your most beautiful exhibitions and keep on displaying them online.
Share with your partners (lending institutions, co-producers and benefactors) an immersive memory of the event.


Boost your communication

Provide your institution with a spectacular and immersive content.

Estimate your audience size

Analyse the traffic you generate with virtual visits on your own networks.

Transform your online audience into real visitors

Offer a first experience online to trigger an on-site visit.

How does it work ?

Explor Visit assists you in every step of your virtual visit project.


Definition of the project

We formalise together the specifications of your project: the spaces to digitalise, the addition of extra content, the options and the digitalisation appointments.


On-site digitalisation

Our technician goes to your site and takes meticulous 3D images of your inside and outside spaces, with a focus on the works or the architectural details of your choice.



We reprocess the images, make the 3D pattern of the visit and add the desired content(texts, photos, videos, audios).


Online publication

We make your visit available on the Internet without delay.
We host your visit and give you a URL and/or an embed code that you can incorporate in your own online mediums (institutional website, social networks, apps and connected screens).


Data analysis

We give you access to visitor numbers of your virtual visit.


Our basic services include project management, the inclusion of 50 points of interest, the training of your team members, the communication on your project and the hosting of your visit during 12 months.
In addition, we provide a large range of additional services, from an access to our guided visits platform, to the creation of an online shop, via the making of immersive mini-websites, or the provision of guides, specialized in online visits.

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